Why Responsive websites are important

Why Responsive websites are important

by Wayne Hooper

Responsive websites resize, reflow content and hide/show elements depending on what device or screen size the website is viewed on, making it look good at any size. This is largely achieved using percent figures for widths rather than pixels, but the use of CSS styles are also very important to making the site look right.

When mobiles first started becoming popular for viewing websites the method to cope with this was to make a mobile version of your website. The problem with this though was it only applied to mobiles and not different sized screens of desktops. You also had two versions of your website now that you had to update which made it a lengthier process.

When tablets started coming out it was quickly realised that a better solution was needed, so websites started becoming Responsive, with a view that websites are built for mobile first. This means that CSS styles were specified as default for mobile view, then at different break-points of browser width different styles are applied. As a basic example, something that has a height of 200px on a mobile would look too small on a desktop, so with a small piece of code in the CSS of;


we can specify that when a browser window reaches 768px width different styles are used.

We use the framework Bootstrap meaning that all our websites are responsive. This is great for Google as they rank websites that are mobile-friendly above websites that aren’t.

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