News from the Dairy

Its been a busy few months!

by Kate Pendery

So Christmas 2015 is fast approaching and I’ve decided to see if I can get to grips with trying to keep our website updated on a more regular basis. The guys in the office are struggling to find time so the job has fallen to me!

Since Becca joined us in July things have been pretty hectic. We are continuing to work with our existing client base and have managed to secure a number of new clients.
Wayne has been busy with websites for Premier Logistics, Modha Ales, Poachers in Thurlaston and The Dove at Evington.
Iain continues to provide print support to AestheticSource with new adverts and a show stand for the Myfacemybody show alongside other literature. Modha Ales are continuing to grow at a great pace and as such have had adverts, table talkers and posters produced over the past few weeks.
Becca has certainly hit the ground running! One of her first tasks was to design a new logo for Chloe’s Beauty Room. She made such a good job of it that they have been back to us for a website, business cards, posters and it seems to be an ongoing project!

We’ve also had two new additions to the Full Fat family. Paddy is Wayne & Jo’s new black lab and Brody is Iain & Kate’s new Border Terrier.